Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Big Picture 1

Today I decided to surf the Speakeasy Blog at Stop the Drug and see whats progressing in the world of Marijuana legalization. I came across the article for the nation's first Medical Marijuana TV ad which was reported on CNN. CNN made if very clear they're anti-legalization as they reported with wholehearted confidence in the "benefits" of mainstream pharmaceutical "medicine". They'd probably loose funding for their biased news room if they started reporting "hay marijuana is actually safe" (which by logical comparison to other available methods of medical treatment it is safe). I kinda went on a rant, giving what I know and understand about the natural world, leaving my comment on the article:
Does anyone ever stop to think about mainstream pharma companies? How their (logically and definitively "Propaganda") TV ads spend about 15-20 seconds advertising "HAY! INSULIN IN A BOTTLE! FOR YOU!" then spend the next 2 1/2 minutes going over the side effects and "if you start having thoughts of killing yourself or harming others, see YOUR DOCTOR immediately". Seriously? How can anyone just overlook this? For starters, you should NOT take SYNTHETIC chemical extractives of certain compounds that mainstream for-profit pharma companies who pay their way through the FDA's already biased testing standards (for the pharmaceutical companies of course) mass produce. Compare the long drawn-out list of side effects for popular synthetic chemicals touted as "medicine" to the very (lol) short list of side effects of Cannabis.

A cure for cancer in various/all forms has been around since the 1930's, by Dr. Max Gerson. He brought his findings before a "legislative panel" sometime in the 40's (if i remember correctly) over 3 days. No one knows about this cure because of money, the big pharma companies who've been "soooo close to a cure" for 40 years now, would loose BILLIONS if people knew they could cure cancer on their own. No one also believes a nutritional program can cure cancer because of the propaganda against eating properly and real food. Example: does anyone actually know what a "proper diet" entails? No, because we're taught "go buy this [Mystery Magic Pill] and [Magic Powder Formula] if u feel bad, then get on with your life", this rationale only fuels apathy and ignorance (as you never learn what caused you to feel bad and now you dont really care). This effectively leaves anything related to your personal well being and health in the hands of for-profit companies.

My point is, this is all part of a bigger picture. This is more than helping people (medicinally) with a naturally occurring herb; it's about taking back personal freedoms over one's own health, privacy and well being, instead of leaving those rights in the hands of modern day Profiteers and businesses. Think on a larger scale and one may begin to see what I do.

I want people to really think about how America works. We're not a democratic society, we're a passive consumerist society led by authoritarian wealthy individuals who buy their freedom. America is run by corporations and big business, they pay money to pass certain bills which, no mystery here, offer many rewards and perks in their favor, such as: controlling certain markets by "mandatory certifying tests"; certain political policies which help control the docile public masses; or ways of obtaining large 'free cash' in terms of "government funding". Just think, how long have "we" been "sooo close" to a cure for cancer? "The cure is JUST around the corner! We need just a little more funding!" sound familiar?

I missed the recent celebrity telethon, with all these big shot stars only proving just how dumb and naive they are "we're here to help find a cure for cancer". Hay! Do some history and you'll find a cure for cancer has been public knowledge since the 1940's! Dumbasses, apparently money does make one not only ignorant, but outright completely dumb.

Medical Marijuana, Organic Foods (tainted by politics as you can see in my article here), Sustainable Agriculture, Natural Cures for MANY ailments [to include cancer, YES A CURE FOR CANCER DOES EXIST] and Environmentally Friendly and Conscious ways of life are just all part of a larger picture.

The Big Picture: To take back one's personal freedoms and rights, such as the right to privacy in one's own home; the right to maintain one's health and well being; the right to help others in ways that improve their well being without being infringed on; and the right to no taxation without representation (no your taxes don't help you or your neighbor). To take back these fundamental rights from out of control big businesses.

When you leave your personal freedoms and rights, such as your health, to the "responsibility" of for-profit companies, you give up knowledge and gain Ignorance. You give up interest, and gain Apathy. Ignorance and Apathy fuel Greed, in yourself and those who prey on your mindset (big companies). You are kept docile and dumb and easily controlled by your desires, even when they are not your own.

Welcome to America.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hello Again!

Back from a while of starting classes 'n what not I have some pics and news to share! Too much to list in one post so I'll list what I can before I have to get going to class. I've also added a new page for people to see.. "My Argument".

People often wonder "why am I fat and other people aren't?" well theres actually a very simple answer for this…
Bag o MSG Box o MSG (Pictures taken at Whole Foods grocery store, Chicago, IL [2 locations]).

STOP! DO NOT BUY THIS CRAP! You see, the ignorant masses buy anything that says "hay look! it's organic and we're a Natural company! Look! Our name even says Natural Foods!". If you're one of these idiotic people who just buy anything that remotely relates to being "natural" or "organic" without actually considering the ingredients of what you're shoving down your throat, you deserve to die, end of story.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Five Finger Discount

IMG_0720 My new shoes

So I decided to get the Bakila model of Vibram's Five Finger shoes, which I found at an outdoor shop nearby. From reading various posts and comments on running books, It seems barefoot runners prefer the feel of Vibram's Five Fingers shoes over any other, thus recommend them. While many outside the city don't know, Chicago has launched a back to school "tax free" campaign. Purchases at stores, at a certain price cap, who are participating in the event yield no sales tax (it's 9.75% or 10.25% currently, around there) driving the cost of living up. Well my shoes just happen to fall under the "Back to School Shoes" category =D.

Well I went running when I really shouldn't have, when my legs were still really sore and

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sofffffft Skin

So if you're like me and have KP (Keratosis Pilaris) then you'll love this "Facial Rub" I saw featured on the Good Morning America. From what I've read, KP is caused by a skin protein called Keratin which plugs up hair follicles, it's not due to poor hygiene or habits (though most would think so). This facial rub caught my attention because she noted the Lactic Acid content of powdered milk while on the show. I wasn't able to find the instant oatmeal she talks about so I used regular (I end up really wanting a bowl of oatmeal afterwards) but the rest of the ingredients I was able to find. She uses powdered milk (for the lactic acid content), Oatmeal which makes your skin really soft and

Friday, August 13, 2010

Running & Biomechanics


Not MSG related however it's something new I've stumbled upon which I believe deserves publicity. It's about running and the Biomechanics of the Human body.

So imma get into something new I thought yall might find interesting considering the mechanics of how it works. The concept is similar to how a cheetah, dog, horse, zebra, wildebeest, cat.... ok about every land mammal/animal on the face of the planet, how they run. The use the tendons and muscles in their legs to perform a suspension type running style. This is how they're able to achieve... lol "great speeds" is an understatement. Humans are meant to run the same way,

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Morning Markets!


The Farmers Markets around your city are a great way to get MSG & additive-free foods, organic goods as well! I usually shop at the Green City Market and the one just south of it on Clark & Division. There's a wide selection of vegetables, seasonal fruits and even some meats.

Some farms have turned somewhat… industrious in their ways. Some do use added pectin and advertise "Grass fed, corn finished" beef, which any research will tell you cows biologically aren't meant to eat corn. It should be noted however

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Raw Honey!


I love honey! Ahhh I love this stuff! I'm talking about the kind that's kinda foggy n dirty lookin. Now that I've tried this stuff, I'm more open to try the kind that's still sitting on the comb (really expensive from what I hear), not the kind that's had a piece of comb added to make it look raw. The kind I got in this picture is from Stakich Farms, "Truly Raw Honey: 100% pure, unheated, unfiltered", picked it up from my neighborhood Whole Foods. Since it's creamed honey (didn't know this at the time of purchase) it's very creamy, thick and really rich, unlike any honey I've ever had. I did a bit of reading on the farm. Apparently they use a centrifugal machine to extract the honey and bottle it from there. A site I was reading shed some light on creamed honey. It's been allowed to crystallize at 55 deg Fahrenheit. If it's been filtered, some companies will be nice enough to warm it to bee hive temperature (about 98 def F) to make it easier to pass it through a fine filter. Other companies may "minimally process" honey and label it as raw as there is no legal definition of "Raw" (WTF right?!). Yay for being 'had'...

Your honey should be: unfiltered, unheated (by any means), un-fucked-with. Bees wax is edible and good if you have gastric issues. It's been stated to not eat it only if you really cant bear to eat it, which would lead into a talk of the body's hunger & taste mechanics by which your body leads you to what it needs by feelings of hunger and taste (this is mainly why processed MSG/PFGA-laden foods is really bad for you as it prevents your body from doing it's job). Keep in mind though to not feed honey to kids under 1 year of age to prevent Infantile Botulism. It's medically agreed upon that about 1 year of age humans develop the intestinal bacteria to prevent this through breastfeeding. If you're stuffing your newborn with chemical baby formula magic-milk, well I cant promise your kid will develop intestinal flora needed. It might be there, might not, I'll have to look at the ingredients.

Yay for finding new nutritious healthy things in life, the search continues =). Edit: I also picked up some comb honey, while at the store, which I've been thoroughly enjoying. It's nature's candy bar and it's far better than any other. Give this to your kids rather some processed MSG/PFGA/Aspartame laden refined sugar bar-o-crap.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Food as Medicine Class

Pear Soup

In the Food as Medicine class at the Lakeview Whole foods, there was a professor from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, Mitchell Harris. He seemed to be giving mostly an introduction to "hay foods can actually heal you" to the class. I would think it's unusual but however considering the mass population of people who really don't think foods actually can heal, it's understandable. This is a guy who I'd love to pick his brain for all kinds of information. So in the class he made some Poached Pear Soup (the picture above) which was very good. The broth makes an excellent tea which

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Supporting the Movement

While I'm all for raw foods and the movement for raw foods, to the rest of the world, the need for convenience will sacrifice the availability of raw foods (unless you're near a grocery store or raw food restaurant everyday). In the absence of available raw foods we'll need to rely on "safe" to eat processed foods.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Ahh New Tools! (Update)

So I just started using Microsoft Windows Live Writer since I got internet in my apartment. I’ve connected a YouTube channel (dont have any video taking capability at the moment though) and Photobucket account to all of this online “live” stuff, so now I’ll be able to upload pictures and video

! Yay! No more boring walls of text. A lot more flexibility than before so hopefully this eases some posting issues with me and my readers. I’ll also be taking some pictures as I’m out biking on the lakefront in the sun and maybe sometimes at night, then post ‘em up here and on Photobucket if anyone's interested to see 'em.

Today I went to Whole Foods near the North/Clybourn area with my mom and sister, who grabbed a flyer and pointed out something happening in Chicago I'd be interested in. Apparently a professor of Chinese Medicine at Pacific College will be hosting a "Food as Medicine: Veggies" class with a $10 cover charge (class includes a $10 gift card) at the Lakeview Whole Foods.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

More News than MSG

While there is still some current news about MSG and Free Glutamate, in this article for example, there is much more news to consider in the natural health community that I'd like to bring attention to (this and FAGE still hasn't got back to me about correcting their "Raw" and "Pasteurized" dilemma on their website and pre-composed e-mail responses for inquiries about their milk used).Considering it's summertime, there's many ill-conceived preconceptions about many marketable and obvious seasonal perks.

First, I'd like to bring attention to Vitamin D. In short, the most effective source of Vitamin D is from... your own body! Yay! Sunscreen-free sunlight exposure for about 15 minutes twice a week (for light skinned people), is a "healthy" amount of sunlight required for Vitamin D synthesis (your skin produces it), darker toned people will require more sunlight (up to 10 times more) due to their natural skin pigmentation. I've always found it hard to believe, a natural adaptation of the human body is detrimental to it's overall health. We're born and bred to believe, because we're taught, sunlight exposure causes skin cancer and as the Health Ranger, Mike Adams, from Natural News states "this is a one variable equation". This makes sense because Dr. Max Gerson teaches us that...

Monday, July 5, 2010


The title is pretty self explanatory. I haven't had much internet time as I'd like to have, so I could push out some good articles on here. I don't have internet in my Apartment due to lack of funds =(, that will change once I start my semester at Truman College here in Chicago. But I have some news though!

I'm coming out with an "Action Page" soon for the blog. It'll have the names of brands who use Processed Free Glutamic Acid, their contact information and a letter template which I'll create which will ask, very specifically, why they use free glutamate (asking "why do you use processed free glutamic acid" versus "why do you use MSG"). It will also include a second letter citing the VARIOUS scientific sources which state exactly how harmful their ingredient is. This is all to provide you with the only reasonable response "oh we didn't know how harmful it was, we'll rectify the issue" rather leaving the companies a way out in stating "there's no scientific evidence that supports your claim" or something to that effect.

For my personal news...

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Go Brooklyn Mom!

So this news article caught my attention early this morning when I was watching Fox Chicago news (this article isn't from Fox Chicago, however has the most information). I couldn't find the news article or report on either Fox News or Fox Chicago's website at all so I cant really blame the newscaster spending 10 seconds talking about it. It's about a Brooklyn, NY mom who's suing General Mills for their ingredients for, get this... a cool $5 mil. The article mainly states "Partially Hydrogenated Oils" as the main 'culprit' in this lawsuit, however in other reports on the same subject I found question it's "natural flavoring from fruit". I really really hope this NY Mom doesn't settle out of court, to get this on public record.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Lol Quacks!

So the topic of this post says my first response to this news article, which is an old one however interesting. It's from last year in August of 2009 and it's about how people who are actually conscious about what they eat and not just shovel anything in sight down their throats, apparently have an eating disorder. The entire 'Natural' community is buzzing with this and you have to wonder, is this a joke? Lol NOPE!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Obesity Truth

So the magical, hope-filled news articles such as "Food Companies Cutting Calories!", "Obesity Surgery Should be a Family Matter" and "After School Programs Mixing Facts and Fun!" are about a joke considering the real issue of Obesity, Processed Free Glutamic Acid. These are just local news articles too. In an update I posted a while ago I promised a post on the role of Free Glutamic Acid in Obesity, here ya go =D.
I would suggest reading all of this, however if you don't have the mind for the science behind Obesity, I suggest you look at the bold and underlined parts then skip to the bottom.

The MSG of Obesity:
Studies have been published about obesity in rats/mice who were injected/fed free glutamatic acid. These studies can also be very apparent in real-life human scenarios. As kids age and get older, the parents buy processed foods to feed them because they are convenient. Inside these processed foods are vast amounts of free glutamate used as "flavor enhancers". Even as a child who has just started eating baby food, they are already being exposed to a large amount of free form processed glutamic acids. Baby foods such as: Gerber "Good Start" Formula ["Enzymatically Hydrolyzed" Whey Protein Concentrate], Gerber Graduates Entrees [Natural Flavoring and Carageenan], and Beech Nut Baby Foods [Citric Acid w/Protein]). Baby food is not new to labeling problems and petitions.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

It's Health Week @ MSNBC

So I watched the segment about childhood obesity on MSNBC's Nightly News by Dr. Nancy Snyderman and frankly I'm a bit disappointed. While they did cover the need for more fresh foods and getting away from the commonly consumed processed foods, they didn't cover anything about MSG or Processed Free Glutamic Acids. Based on a mountain of research already done (check some of the links on the right), this exitotoxin (free form L-Glutamine) used for "flavor" is directly responsible for diabetes and obesity in all individuals.

Here is a copy of the e-mail I sent in to MSNBC's "Contact Us" link at the bottom of their page, as I couldn't find a link to submit a formal question to Dr. Nancy Snyderman on MSNBC's Nightly News page.

Monday, June 21, 2010


So I just got my social media sites back up and running, Twitter and Facebook (Twitter: @ibsmrt, FB Link) so people can add me and get updates on new information I'm posting here.

I have an e-mail correspondence going with "FAGE" greek style yogurt company, you can see them in Whole Foods, about their use of Raw and Pasteurized milk. They state they use pasteurized milk on their ingredients label and in the pre-composed e-mail they sent me, then further towards the bottom of the e-mail (and on their website) they state they use "Just raw cows milk, cream and live active cultures for a naturally blissful taste experience.". While the marketing is there the facts arent. Here is my post concerning the pasteurization of milk from a while back.

Friday, June 18, 2010

I got more logic than Spock!

So the theory I proposed to the people around me (who were willing to listen) and on here 2 posts ago, based on my logical reasoning, appears to be scientific fact by sequential events. My theory was that certain people who are able to eat as many calories as they want and not gain a pound do experience adverse effects of processed free glutamic acids, in the sense of their impressive metabolism (their increased metabolism IS their adverse effect). People used to think "oh thats just how they are", by what? BIRTH?! I refused to believe this because the "thats how they are" explanation is completely irrational, now I have my answer...

Lol Politics

So this lovely article I found talks about politics of obesity. While it's direction is good (politics and obesity in the same paragraph, let alone same title/sentence) the knowledge only scratches the surface. Yes the lack of exercise because of cars and convenience combined with a constantly "hungry" attitude does attribute to weight gain, it is not the reason nor cause of obesity and gaining popularity Morbid Obesity.

The fact that free glutamic acid and all of it's wonderful degenerative health effects are so deceptively and artistically blended into nearly 90% of the food supply in the US is the underlying reason and cause of obesity.

This underlying fact is one that the article completely failed to cover or even briefly hint at. The article was however on the right track in stating politics may be to blame for obesity (which if you're educated on the hidden facts you know better). The politics exist in the FDA working so closely with the Glutamate industry (and Pharmaceutical companies for the same subject, but more so for Marijuana subject) to keep the facts about the excitotoxin hidden and keeping consumers in the dark and confused on what exactly is in their food (cite: your local grocer. e.g. the numerous names of MSG, Processed Free Glutamic Acid, ingredients and processes contanting/or creating them).

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Theorycrafting is a popular term used in the MMO scene when compiling different stats from gear n what not to see how those stats pan out in a given mathematical situation. Well by logical reasoning I'm posting a theory about free glutamic acid! The great thing about logical reasoning is that it all makes sense when viewed together.

Logical Reasoning -
Processed Free Glutamic Acid (P-FGA for this article) is a processed building block of all protein (not in naturally occuring form).
Amino acids are essential to the creation of not only proteins (tissue) but hormones and enzymes as well in the human body

My theory is -
Many, if not all intolerances and allergies could be the result of abnormally created tissues, hormones, enzymes, etc..., which rely on amino acids to be "built" in a certain way for proper function, which they aren't built properly because of the constant ingested supply of P-FGA's. When P-FGA is ingested as the body is attempting to undergo a certain change (created by any stress factor, internal and/or external), the processed building block is used to adapt to this change and thus creates abnormal cellular tissue, hormones, enzymes, etc... This is not a far stretch of the imagination considering P-FGA's exist is nearly 90% of the American food supply.

The reasoning behind this theory is that we all know when the body undergoes stress it attempts to adapt to the stress factors to overcome it. Athletes, Bodybuilders, and anyone athletic enough knows this simply as "getting results". The body becomes "efficient" at performing a certain action if given the same repeated action over time because it adapts to the action, a.k.a. stress factor. This efficiency adaptation is also known as the "Plateau" in body building terms. Logically, if the body were to receive a constant supply of a processed or altered building block of the very substance that is used to adapt to the stress factor, abnormal side effects will occur because the actual tissue, hormone, enzyme, etc... created can't function as it should.

A developmental test has been done already some decades ago by a prestigious dentist, testing the growth patterns of teeth and the jaw structure of people who consume processed food vs. unprocessed raw foods in countries American's would consider primitive &/or 3rd world due to the lack of technology as we know it (Documentary: The Beautiful Truth).

Keep in mind this is a theory, however I believe it has some value as it's logical and reasonable and should be tested by an avid researcher/scientist who's knowledgeable on the matter. Thoughts?

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Damnit to HELL!

So today I decided to research raw cow's milk. DAMNIT TO HELL I SAY! I'll say this again, the more I research the more I discover just how ignorant I am and how unhealthy I've been living...

I've been using pasteurized milk to make LOTS of yogurt. I've read online how to make yogurt and hear of people just leaving it out or in a warm spot and it sours by itself, no heating or adding a starter. From this I've finally looked into the pasteurization process and I'm mostly upset.

Pasteurization involves heating milk from cows to a temperature of 145-150f for 30 minutes OR 17 seconds at 165f. I've been heating (or "cooking") my milk to 180f then letting it air cool for my yogurt making process. Pasteurization was stated to cure a health epidemic from raw milk in the 1940's, however I'm not believing that anymore (also mandated by the ever-so-famous FDA). The heating of milk at all KILLS all of the helpful bacteria that we mainly consume yogurt for... WTF.

Lactobacillus is the helpful bacteria in milk that produces lactic acid which helps humans break down the milk sugars lactose and process it. People who are lactose intolerant cant consume milk as they know it because it's all been pasteurized as mandated by the all-knowing FDA (I hate these bought-n-paid-for assholes). Pasteurization also changes lactose to a "beta form" which there you have it, lactose intolerance. Because pasteurized milk kills off the beneficial bacteria which will ultimately sour milk (yogurt) creating an acidic environment (if left out in a warm area or room), harmful bacteria proliferate, this is the "reasoning" for pasteurization or heating the milk.

Pasteurization also: creates denatured milk proteins and yummy dead bacteria, destroys 20% of the naturally occurring iodine, diminishes vitamin content, destroys part of the calcium in the milk all while providing a hospitable environment for any pathogenic bacteria that may have survived the heating process (yes, some baddies do survive, it's a fact) because HEY! All the helpful bacteria that stop this are DEAD!

So the best process of prolonging the shelf life of milk is the same process used by people thousands of years ago... let it sour and make yogurt. This however has to be done with raw milk from free range grass fed cows. In short: for making yogurt, I've needed raw milk and just need to let it sit on the counter or on top of my router or XBox and let it sour and none of the healthy properties of the milk are destroyed. There's lots of debate on this subject. If everyone acknowledges that with any other raw food, proper hygienic handling is required, people wouldn't be so "omg imma get ecoli and salmonella". Just as a knowledgeable individual pointed out on a blog, those are contaminants as cows cant: 1st control squirting their milk-2nd-in a dirty pail/container/pipe/etc...

good article on this
another great site along with links to join the campaign for Real Milk (The Weston Price Foundation).
Sources and reading on the subject

Monday, June 7, 2010

Organic? I think NOT!

So today @ Caribou I decided to do some research on a subject I particularly find interesting, the USDA Organic label. I found some disturbing results. The short logical conclusion is that the "USDA Organic" label means absolutely nothing at all. It's logically now a marketing ploy to increase prices. Why? Because there are 38 allowable SYNTHETIC ingredients allowed in processed foods and still able to retain the "USDA Organic" label. Lets not forget processed free glutamic acids which are considered non-synthetic by the USDA and the Agricultural Appropriations bill. The excerpt which you need to see:

(b) Synthetics allowed:

Activated charcoal (CAS #s 7440–44–0; 64365–11–3)—only from vegetative sources; for use only as a filtering aid.


Ammonium bicarbonate—for use only as a leavening agent.

Ammonium carbonate—for use only as a leavening agent.

Ascorbic acid.

Calcium citrate.

Calcium hydroxide.

Calcium phosphates (monobasic, dibasic, and tribasic).

Carbon dioxide.

Cellulose—for use in regenerative casings, as an anti-caking agent (non-chlorine bleached) and filtering aid.

Chlorine materials—disinfecting and sanitizing food contact surfaces, Except, That, residual chlorine levels in the water shall not exceed the maximum residual disinfectant limit under the Safe Drinking Water Act (Calcium hypochlorite; Chlorine dioxide; and Sodium hypochlorite).

Cyclohexylamine (CAS # 108–91–8)—for use only as a boiler water additive for packaging sterilization.

Diethylaminoethanol (CAS # 100–37–8)—for use only as a boiler water additive for packaging sterilization.

Ethylene—allowed for postharvest ripening of tropical fruit and degreening of citrus.

Ferrous sulfate—for iron enrichment or fortification of foods when required by regulation or recommended (independent organization).

Glycerides (mono and di)—for use only in drum drying of food.

Glycerin—produced by hydrolysis of fats and oils.

Hydrogen peroxide.


Magnesium carbonate—for use only in agricultural products labeled “made with organic (specified ingredients or food group(s)),” prohibited in agricultural products labeled “organic”.

Magnesium chloride—derived from sea water.

Magnesium stearate—for use only in agricultural products labeled “made with organic (specified ingredients or food group(s)),” prohibited in agricultural products labeled “organic”.

Nutrient vitamins and minerals, in accordance with 21 CFR 104.20, Nutritional Quality Guidelines For Foods.

Octadecylamine (CAS # 124–30–1)—for use only as a boiler water additive for packaging sterilization.


Pectin (low-methoxy).

Peracetic acid/Peroxyacetic acid (CAS # 79–21–0)—for use in wash and/or rinse water according to FDA limitations. For use as a sanitizer on food contact surfaces.

Phosphoric acid—cleaning of food-contact surfaces and equipment only.

Potassium acid tartrate.

Potassium carbonate.

Potassium citrate.

Potassium hydroxide—prohibited for use in lye peeling of fruits and vegetables except when used for peeling peaches during the Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) production process.

Potassium iodide—for use only in agricultural products labeled “made with organic (specified ingredients or food group(s)),” prohibited in agricultural products labeled “organic”.

Potassium phosphate—for use only in agricultural products labeled “made with organic (specific ingredients or food group(s)),” prohibited in agricultural products labeled “organic”.

Silicon dioxide.

Sodium acid pyrophosphate (CAS # 7758–16–9)—for use only as a leavening agent.

Sodium citrate.

Sodium hydroxide—prohibited for use in lye peeling of fruits and vegetables.

Sodium phosphates—for use only in dairy foods.

Sulfur dioxide—for use only in wine labeled “made with organic grapes,” Provided, That, total sulfite concentration does not exceed 100 ppm.

Tartaric acid—made from malic acid.

Tetrasodium pyrophosphate (CAS # 7722–88–5)—for use only in meat analog products.

Tocopherols—derived from vegetable oil when rosemary extracts are not a suitable alternative.

Xanthan gum.

(c)–(z) [Reserved]

[68 FR 61993, Oct. 31, 2003, as amended as 68 FR 62217, Nov. 3, 2003; 71 FR 53302, Sept. 11, 2006; 72 FR 58473, Oct. 16, 2007; 73 FR 59481, Oct. 9, 2008]

The source: The Electronic Code of Federal Regulations

Congratulations America, you've been DUPED! Now we can all laugh with the rest of the corporate community! HAHA! For the people by the people? No no, For the Corporations by the Government! Here Here!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

I would suggest that everyone reading this take a good 45 minutes out of their day and REALLY pay attention and memorize the content in the video below as it thoroughly explains your rights as a citizen of the US. The founding fathers were no idiots, they knew government WOULD get out of hand, so they created the first 10 amendments of the US Constitution, known as the Bill of Rights. Huge props the the lawyer in the video and, these are people this country desperately needs.

Friday, June 4, 2010


So I've moved into a new place (studio apartment) near the Diversey CTA train stop and quite pleased with the area and apartment. I've switched my transportation to a bike (a nice one) so I should save some money, which I've mostly spent those savings on the bike in anticipation of the amount I'll save.

My interest in free glutamic acid is still strong and I'm still very against it's use. The TruthInLabeling campaign is going to be something I'll have to contribute interest towards and even contact them as I'm interested in helping them campaign against the use of processed free glutamic acid. This coincides with my belief in the Gerson Therapy program and the giant cycle of money (planning on making a graphical map of this). I've learned something new however which has peaked my interests... the fact that there is no law compelling working individuals earning salaries or wages to file or pay taxes (Ref: Documentary: America: Freedom to Fascism). This documentary is very compelling and extremely interesting. I'll have to find some time to research this so I can cite some sources. I'm thinking another page will have to go up just for this topic.

Continue to ask questions and refuse to assume everything told to you is the truth. Remember: there is always something more to what you perceive, than what you perceive.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ya don't worry, the naive religiously brainwashed "experts" predict the apocalypse when weed is legalized, oh and maybe the coming of Jesus who is about 300 years late from his last appointment.

Perhaps Nostradamus described 2012 as the year Cannabis is legalized? That would coincide with a "new way of thinking".

Yay Coupons n Savings!

Coupons for Prescriptions? This article only further proves that most if not all prescription drugs are just a fad leeching off the benefits of good nutrition, much like the supplement market for athletes. Again, pharmaceutical companies are there to make money off you, not to help you.

The title of this post is exactly what the drug companies want you to see, which you may think "well good, saving money is always good". What you don't see is the fact people will use the coupons to buy the products and save money on only on their products. Not all asthma or other prescriptions, only the coupon company's product. They're not doing this to save you money, they're doing this to further market their product to you. If the food supply wasn't as fucked as it is and people were actually educated in what exactly good nutrition is, we wouldn't have nearly half the health problems we do today in the first place. Make food that keeps people sick, make drugs to treat but never cure the symptoms and you'll make lots of money on people's deteriorating health and very slow death.

Advocates, however, see benefit to consumers in the current tough economy.
Everyone always only considers the now rather whats behind the now. This is a good selling point for today, however this will not matter tomorrow; as what you could have done yesterday would save you money today, OR you could just not eat the harmful crap in all the "cool foods" that's marketed in the first place. Everyone always only considers today, now, the present. Stop considering today and consider tomorrow, next week, next month, next year and years to come.

Perhaps I should put on a white lab coat w/a tie, go by the nick name Dr., tell you I can help your pain but it'll cost you $50 per supply of my pills w/some fad chemical and do all this with a 4 minute TV commercial. Would you believe me then? Of course you would, because you're trained to not only believe me but trust me. In this scenario: you don't know where my knowledge comes from nor the extent of what I know for fact, you don't know or understand the chemical reaction of what I'm feeding you and I'm charging you money. I'm taking advantage of your ignorance and naive attitude. I do all of this and say "this is your only option, you need to, it's for the best".

Real, natural, organic, non-fucked-with food is the answer and cure for all of this. Tell me, who the fuck knows exactly what a coffee enema does?! Better yet, who the hell reading all of this knew honey and garlic can be used to treat a wound for their antimicrobial properties!? I would post a link to this "amazing proof" however you can Google it on your own.

Monday, April 19, 2010

More to it

There is always something more to what you perceive than what you perceive.

There's lots of money to be made in the health care field. No, there's lots of money to be made on death, sickness, and keeping people sick. One implies actually helping and healing people. "Treat, never cure" might as well be the motto for pharmaceutical companies, the best part is, people actually openly trust them. Mainly because they envision white lab coats and test tubes with Ph. D's and "must know more than me or anyone else" of how the body works. The body doesn't work off of lab created mass produced chemicals in a pill form, u cant get a six-pack with a magic pill every day or 6 a-day.

If today's doctors were actually educated properly (instead of "take this every day" answer) with people's health in mind, we'd have more cures and less treatments.

I find it truly amazing that everyone jumps to prescribe every magic pill and prescription out there that's possible however very few people are enthusiastic to learn what exactly proper nutrition is. I'll give you a hint: it's not eating artificial or "natural" food additive CRAP!


My first post (yay). So I recently learned of 3 solutions to this world's problems:

Solution 1: After watching National Geographic's special on what would happen if all the Oil in the world dried up I realize this would be a blessing in it's own as the world would make a slow but very very sure transition to a cleaner and more eco-friendly place. "The air would be noticeably cleaner... parking garages and lots transformed into farm land... cleaner water" yes please.

Solution 2: Some cataclysmic event that would reset the human population back to primitive ages so we could live in our own filth. Perhaps this will force people to grasp the reality of our actions and how they effect the very world we depend on AND live in.

Solution 3: a 6-mile wide reset button... unless one can find a way to remove greed, selfishness and jealousy from the human emotional vocabulary.

The human race as a species has surpassed it's natural population balance in the world, this much is obvious as otherwise there would be no overpopulation, famine, and mass landfills. The entire world depends on trade with each other for their country's needs so the better question for the world's problem is: how long until the human race gets it's population check?

It only frustrates me to watch people walk around as if they're something more than an animal, as if humans aren't mammals with pheromones, hormones, and little babies growing inside them. As if they're something better than the rest of the entire natural world. "I need makeup... I need my burger... I need my [WTFE it is now]" wrapped up and so dependent on the materialistic world believing and buying anything thrown at them w/a cool label and brand name... I identify these individuals as "Cattle". They'll eat anything, follow anyone who's got a loud mouth, and don't think twice until it's too late. Logically, the only facts that separate humans from other mammals are: we've developed technology, complex vocal communication, and we've learned to tame animals and farm plants for food. The first two are debatable (depending on your definition of technology) leaving only the last to be solid.

I'm going to use this page to call out a number of issues that people don't want to talk about, you know, the things you never talk about but just know a little or nothing about. The world in which we live in is not secure, it is not a happy wonderful care-free place, everything is not perfect in any way-shape-or-form, we are led by the rich and greedy and nurtured to believe anyone in any authority-type position as being helpful, trustworthy, care giving, someone who looks out for our personal safety and best interests, and someone who we should submit to at any time for any reason.... The world in which we live in is a lie. I could get all sciency and fictional and relate all this to The Matrix (which the whole idea is similar to many other arguments) except theres no plug.

Remember: there is always something more than what you see. There are always multiple possibilities in everything. More to come.