Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ya don't worry, the naive religiously brainwashed "experts" predict the apocalypse when weed is legalized, oh and maybe the coming of Jesus who is about 300 years late from his last appointment.

Perhaps Nostradamus described 2012 as the year Cannabis is legalized? That would coincide with a "new way of thinking".

Yay Coupons n Savings!

Coupons for Prescriptions? This article only further proves that most if not all prescription drugs are just a fad leeching off the benefits of good nutrition, much like the supplement market for athletes. Again, pharmaceutical companies are there to make money off you, not to help you.

The title of this post is exactly what the drug companies want you to see, which you may think "well good, saving money is always good". What you don't see is the fact people will use the coupons to buy the products and save money on only on their products. Not all asthma or other prescriptions, only the coupon company's product. They're not doing this to save you money, they're doing this to further market their product to you. If the food supply wasn't as fucked as it is and people were actually educated in what exactly good nutrition is, we wouldn't have nearly half the health problems we do today in the first place. Make food that keeps people sick, make drugs to treat but never cure the symptoms and you'll make lots of money on people's deteriorating health and very slow death.

Advocates, however, see benefit to consumers in the current tough economy.
Everyone always only considers the now rather whats behind the now. This is a good selling point for today, however this will not matter tomorrow; as what you could have done yesterday would save you money today, OR you could just not eat the harmful crap in all the "cool foods" that's marketed in the first place. Everyone always only considers today, now, the present. Stop considering today and consider tomorrow, next week, next month, next year and years to come.

Perhaps I should put on a white lab coat w/a tie, go by the nick name Dr., tell you I can help your pain but it'll cost you $50 per supply of my pills w/some fad chemical and do all this with a 4 minute TV commercial. Would you believe me then? Of course you would, because you're trained to not only believe me but trust me. In this scenario: you don't know where my knowledge comes from nor the extent of what I know for fact, you don't know or understand the chemical reaction of what I'm feeding you and I'm charging you money. I'm taking advantage of your ignorance and naive attitude. I do all of this and say "this is your only option, you need to, it's for the best".

Real, natural, organic, non-fucked-with food is the answer and cure for all of this. Tell me, who the fuck knows exactly what a coffee enema does?! Better yet, who the hell reading all of this knew honey and garlic can be used to treat a wound for their antimicrobial properties!? I would post a link to this "amazing proof" however you can Google it on your own.

Monday, April 19, 2010

More to it

There is always something more to what you perceive than what you perceive.

There's lots of money to be made in the health care field. No, there's lots of money to be made on death, sickness, and keeping people sick. One implies actually helping and healing people. "Treat, never cure" might as well be the motto for pharmaceutical companies, the best part is, people actually openly trust them. Mainly because they envision white lab coats and test tubes with Ph. D's and "must know more than me or anyone else" of how the body works. The body doesn't work off of lab created mass produced chemicals in a pill form, u cant get a six-pack with a magic pill every day or 6 a-day.

If today's doctors were actually educated properly (instead of "take this every day" answer) with people's health in mind, we'd have more cures and less treatments.

I find it truly amazing that everyone jumps to prescribe every magic pill and prescription out there that's possible however very few people are enthusiastic to learn what exactly proper nutrition is. I'll give you a hint: it's not eating artificial or "natural" food additive CRAP!


My first post (yay). So I recently learned of 3 solutions to this world's problems:

Solution 1: After watching National Geographic's special on what would happen if all the Oil in the world dried up I realize this would be a blessing in it's own as the world would make a slow but very very sure transition to a cleaner and more eco-friendly place. "The air would be noticeably cleaner... parking garages and lots transformed into farm land... cleaner water" yes please.

Solution 2: Some cataclysmic event that would reset the human population back to primitive ages so we could live in our own filth. Perhaps this will force people to grasp the reality of our actions and how they effect the very world we depend on AND live in.

Solution 3: a 6-mile wide reset button... unless one can find a way to remove greed, selfishness and jealousy from the human emotional vocabulary.

The human race as a species has surpassed it's natural population balance in the world, this much is obvious as otherwise there would be no overpopulation, famine, and mass landfills. The entire world depends on trade with each other for their country's needs so the better question for the world's problem is: how long until the human race gets it's population check?

It only frustrates me to watch people walk around as if they're something more than an animal, as if humans aren't mammals with pheromones, hormones, and little babies growing inside them. As if they're something better than the rest of the entire natural world. "I need makeup... I need my burger... I need my [WTFE it is now]" wrapped up and so dependent on the materialistic world believing and buying anything thrown at them w/a cool label and brand name... I identify these individuals as "Cattle". They'll eat anything, follow anyone who's got a loud mouth, and don't think twice until it's too late. Logically, the only facts that separate humans from other mammals are: we've developed technology, complex vocal communication, and we've learned to tame animals and farm plants for food. The first two are debatable (depending on your definition of technology) leaving only the last to be solid.

I'm going to use this page to call out a number of issues that people don't want to talk about, you know, the things you never talk about but just know a little or nothing about. The world in which we live in is not secure, it is not a happy wonderful care-free place, everything is not perfect in any way-shape-or-form, we are led by the rich and greedy and nurtured to believe anyone in any authority-type position as being helpful, trustworthy, care giving, someone who looks out for our personal safety and best interests, and someone who we should submit to at any time for any reason.... The world in which we live in is a lie. I could get all sciency and fictional and relate all this to The Matrix (which the whole idea is similar to many other arguments) except theres no plug.

Remember: there is always something more than what you see. There are always multiple possibilities in everything. More to come.