Friday, June 4, 2010


So I've moved into a new place (studio apartment) near the Diversey CTA train stop and quite pleased with the area and apartment. I've switched my transportation to a bike (a nice one) so I should save some money, which I've mostly spent those savings on the bike in anticipation of the amount I'll save.

My interest in free glutamic acid is still strong and I'm still very against it's use. The TruthInLabeling campaign is going to be something I'll have to contribute interest towards and even contact them as I'm interested in helping them campaign against the use of processed free glutamic acid. This coincides with my belief in the Gerson Therapy program and the giant cycle of money (planning on making a graphical map of this). I've learned something new however which has peaked my interests... the fact that there is no law compelling working individuals earning salaries or wages to file or pay taxes (Ref: Documentary: America: Freedom to Fascism). This documentary is very compelling and extremely interesting. I'll have to find some time to research this so I can cite some sources. I'm thinking another page will have to go up just for this topic.

Continue to ask questions and refuse to assume everything told to you is the truth. Remember: there is always something more to what you perceive, than what you perceive.