Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Damnit to HELL!

So today I decided to research raw cow's milk. DAMNIT TO HELL I SAY! I'll say this again, the more I research the more I discover just how ignorant I am and how unhealthy I've been living...

I've been using pasteurized milk to make LOTS of yogurt. I've read online how to make yogurt and hear of people just leaving it out or in a warm spot and it sours by itself, no heating or adding a starter. From this I've finally looked into the pasteurization process and I'm mostly upset.

Pasteurization involves heating milk from cows to a temperature of 145-150f for 30 minutes OR 17 seconds at 165f. I've been heating (or "cooking") my milk to 180f then letting it air cool for my yogurt making process. Pasteurization was stated to cure a health epidemic from raw milk in the 1940's, however I'm not believing that anymore (also mandated by the ever-so-famous FDA). The heating of milk at all KILLS all of the helpful bacteria that we mainly consume yogurt for... WTF.

Lactobacillus is the helpful bacteria in milk that produces lactic acid which helps humans break down the milk sugars lactose and process it. People who are lactose intolerant cant consume milk as they know it because it's all been pasteurized as mandated by the all-knowing FDA (I hate these bought-n-paid-for assholes). Pasteurization also changes lactose to a "beta form" which there you have it, lactose intolerance. Because pasteurized milk kills off the beneficial bacteria which will ultimately sour milk (yogurt) creating an acidic environment (if left out in a warm area or room), harmful bacteria proliferate, this is the "reasoning" for pasteurization or heating the milk.

Pasteurization also: creates denatured milk proteins and yummy dead bacteria, destroys 20% of the naturally occurring iodine, diminishes vitamin content, destroys part of the calcium in the milk all while providing a hospitable environment for any pathogenic bacteria that may have survived the heating process (yes, some baddies do survive, it's a fact) because HEY! All the helpful bacteria that stop this are DEAD!

So the best process of prolonging the shelf life of milk is the same process used by people thousands of years ago... let it sour and make yogurt. This however has to be done with raw milk from free range grass fed cows. In short: for making yogurt, I've needed raw milk and just need to let it sit on the counter or on top of my router or XBox and let it sour and none of the healthy properties of the milk are destroyed. There's lots of debate on this subject. If everyone acknowledges that with any other raw food, proper hygienic handling is required, people wouldn't be so "omg imma get ecoli and salmonella". Just as a knowledgeable individual pointed out on a blog, those are contaminants as cows cant: 1st control squirting their milk-2nd-in a dirty pail/container/pipe/etc...

good article on this
another great site along with links to join the campaign for Real Milk (The Weston Price Foundation).
Sources and reading on the subject


bicycleman said...

In the summer of 2009 I drank raw cow and goat milk. I never got sick once and I was "rolling the dice" everyday for 90 days. I will never touch pasteurized milk again. Also, don't be fooled, the only "real" reason the dairy industry wants milk pasteurized is because it significantly extends the shelf life of there product. PS. There are people in the world trying to pasteurize eggs in the shell! Find all of these people all and kill them before there ruin another amazing food! (The "killing them" part was a joke, don't do anything stupid because I think they only serve pasteurized milk in prison. lol)

Khazik said...

I responded before, didn't post for some reason =(. Ya the most logical reason I can find for pasteurization is to extend the shelf life of the product. I'm just really upset at what I've BEEN doing w/my yogurt =(. I personally would like raw milk be delivered to me with the date & time collected and in "souring" condition, as I'd just eat it as yogurt =D. Lol ya I dont think I could stand the processed & preserved jail diet =).

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