Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Lol Quacks!

So the topic of this post says my first response to this news article, which is an old one however interesting. It's from last year in August of 2009 and it's about how people who are actually conscious about what they eat and not just shovel anything in sight down their throats, apparently have an eating disorder. The entire 'Natural' community is buzzing with this and you have to wonder, is this a joke? Lol NOPE!

The post is from The Guardian (UK news) which takes organic/natural eating "craze from California" to a whole new level. In a previous article about this subject, the writer was apparently at a restaurant with his friend and she asked for "a sealed bottle of organic rain water" and wanted to know where the greens for her salad were grown from. "The condition was named by a Californian doctor, Steven Bratman, in 1997, and is described as a "fixation on righteous eating"" and said to be such a huge problem that patients need to be treated separately. The article further quotes Ursula Philpot, 'chair' of the British Dietetics Association mental health group, stating "The issues underlying orthorexia are often the same as anorexia". The article depicts "Naturopaths" as people who "believe in curing problems through entirely natural methods such as sunlight and massage" as ignorant neurotic's who go to extreme lengths ordering unrealistic foods and beverages in unrealistic locations [mainstream fad restaurant-bottled organic rain water]. This is just stupid.

I love how there's absolutely no science behind this, just "these people are deranged" and "isolating themselves from society and hampering their relationships" attitude. Perhaps Dr. Ursula Philpot would like to kindly explain the effects of Free Glutamic Acid on Leptin resistance thus directly creating uncontrollable weight gain. Perhaps she'd like to explain why half of these mystery magic additives cause detrimental side effects such as compromising the body's Gamma Aminobutyric Acid conversion process resulting in Type 1 diabetes; or tell about uncontrollable pancreas stimulation to produce Insulin, resulting in Insulin resistance thus Type 2 diabetes. Perhaps the topic of why various side effects (my favorite, Anal Leakage) of multiple prescription medications need to be controlled by other medications, with Cannabis having virtually no measurable harmful or detrimental side effects from long term use. I don't think she would speak about any of this because this would actually educate people, rather keeping them ignorant, about the truth of what villainous medical politics ensue and make profit off the "human cattle", working their entire lives to keep themselves sick and dying.

Forgive me "Doctors" Steven Bratman and Ursula Philpot, I refuse to grow old, weak and stupid. I refuse to work my entire life to financially support the very system that poisons me while making profits on my ignorance. I refuse to be ignorant and naive; more importantly "Doctors", I refuse to be like YOU.

You quacks can drown in your own filth, I don't listen to stupid.