Monday, June 21, 2010


So I just got my social media sites back up and running, Twitter and Facebook (Twitter: @ibsmrt, FB Link) so people can add me and get updates on new information I'm posting here.

I have an e-mail correspondence going with "FAGE" greek style yogurt company, you can see them in Whole Foods, about their use of Raw and Pasteurized milk. They state they use pasteurized milk on their ingredients label and in the pre-composed e-mail they sent me, then further towards the bottom of the e-mail (and on their website) they state they use "Just raw cows milk, cream and live active cultures for a naturally blissful taste experience.". While the marketing is there the facts arent. Here is my post concerning the pasteurization of milk from a while back.

The Gerson Institute is on Twitter! I'm happy to see they've got on board with the social media craze. I'm currently following them now =D. I'd suggest everyone follow them and help spread the word of Dr. Max Gerson's proven nutritional program effective at curing many (if not all) said "incurable" diseases, yes even cancer.

I'll start making another page on here, it'll be about foods that I dont see contain Processed Free Glutamic Acid or MSG in any other form (fermentation, enzymes, etc...) in their product. Essentially a "go-to" page for good foods. Feel free to research the companies and food products on your own, I welcome all input, especially suggestions for more good companies to add up there. It'll be an ongoing continuously updated list! (my sister came up with the idea =D).

I think in my next post I'll scientifically explain how Free Glutamic Acid causes Obesity and Morbid Obesity. This seems to be the most prevalent health concern as everyone wants a beach body bod. To stimulate my future rant, it's sad that mainstream society wants to "cover up" any flaws someone has instead of actually helping the person to remove said flaw. This comes by makeup, certain clothing, fad diets, magic pills/drinks and mystery magic cremes ("moisturize! reduce aging! tighten up skin!").

After Obesity I think I'll cover fatty acids, aka Fat. There's a lot more to fat than one would think, as without fat, we as humans could not exist. More to come!