Sunday, July 25, 2010

Supporting the Movement

While I'm all for raw foods and the movement for raw foods, to the rest of the world, the need for convenience will sacrifice the availability of raw foods (unless you're near a grocery store or raw food restaurant everyday). In the absence of available raw foods we'll need to rely on "safe" to eat processed foods.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Ahh New Tools! (Update)

So I just started using Microsoft Windows Live Writer since I got internet in my apartment. I’ve connected a YouTube channel (dont have any video taking capability at the moment though) and Photobucket account to all of this online “live” stuff, so now I’ll be able to upload pictures and video

! Yay! No more boring walls of text. A lot more flexibility than before so hopefully this eases some posting issues with me and my readers. I’ll also be taking some pictures as I’m out biking on the lakefront in the sun and maybe sometimes at night, then post ‘em up here and on Photobucket if anyone's interested to see 'em.

Today I went to Whole Foods near the North/Clybourn area with my mom and sister, who grabbed a flyer and pointed out something happening in Chicago I'd be interested in. Apparently a professor of Chinese Medicine at Pacific College will be hosting a "Food as Medicine: Veggies" class with a $10 cover charge (class includes a $10 gift card) at the Lakeview Whole Foods.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

More News than MSG

While there is still some current news about MSG and Free Glutamate, in this article for example, there is much more news to consider in the natural health community that I'd like to bring attention to (this and FAGE still hasn't got back to me about correcting their "Raw" and "Pasteurized" dilemma on their website and pre-composed e-mail responses for inquiries about their milk used).Considering it's summertime, there's many ill-conceived preconceptions about many marketable and obvious seasonal perks.

First, I'd like to bring attention to Vitamin D. In short, the most effective source of Vitamin D is from... your own body! Yay! Sunscreen-free sunlight exposure for about 15 minutes twice a week (for light skinned people), is a "healthy" amount of sunlight required for Vitamin D synthesis (your skin produces it), darker toned people will require more sunlight (up to 10 times more) due to their natural skin pigmentation. I've always found it hard to believe, a natural adaptation of the human body is detrimental to it's overall health. We're born and bred to believe, because we're taught, sunlight exposure causes skin cancer and as the Health Ranger, Mike Adams, from Natural News states "this is a one variable equation". This makes sense because Dr. Max Gerson teaches us that...

Monday, July 5, 2010


The title is pretty self explanatory. I haven't had much internet time as I'd like to have, so I could push out some good articles on here. I don't have internet in my Apartment due to lack of funds =(, that will change once I start my semester at Truman College here in Chicago. But I have some news though!

I'm coming out with an "Action Page" soon for the blog. It'll have the names of brands who use Processed Free Glutamic Acid, their contact information and a letter template which I'll create which will ask, very specifically, why they use free glutamate (asking "why do you use processed free glutamic acid" versus "why do you use MSG"). It will also include a second letter citing the VARIOUS scientific sources which state exactly how harmful their ingredient is. This is all to provide you with the only reasonable response "oh we didn't know how harmful it was, we'll rectify the issue" rather leaving the companies a way out in stating "there's no scientific evidence that supports your claim" or something to that effect.

For my personal news...

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Go Brooklyn Mom!

So this news article caught my attention early this morning when I was watching Fox Chicago news (this article isn't from Fox Chicago, however has the most information). I couldn't find the news article or report on either Fox News or Fox Chicago's website at all so I cant really blame the newscaster spending 10 seconds talking about it. It's about a Brooklyn, NY mom who's suing General Mills for their ingredients for, get this... a cool $5 mil. The article mainly states "Partially Hydrogenated Oils" as the main 'culprit' in this lawsuit, however in other reports on the same subject I found question it's "natural flavoring from fruit". I really really hope this NY Mom doesn't settle out of court, to get this on public record.