Sunday, July 18, 2010

Ahh New Tools! (Update)

So I just started using Microsoft Windows Live Writer since I got internet in my apartment. I’ve connected a YouTube channel (dont have any video taking capability at the moment though) and Photobucket account to all of this online “live” stuff, so now I’ll be able to upload pictures and video

! Yay! No more boring walls of text. A lot more flexibility than before so hopefully this eases some posting issues with me and my readers. I’ll also be taking some pictures as I’m out biking on the lakefront in the sun and maybe sometimes at night, then post ‘em up here and on Photobucket if anyone's interested to see 'em.

Today I went to Whole Foods near the North/Clybourn area with my mom and sister, who grabbed a flyer and pointed out something happening in Chicago I'd be interested in. Apparently a professor of Chinese Medicine at Pacific College will be hosting a "Food as Medicine: Veggies" class with a $10 cover charge (class includes a $10 gift card) at the Lakeview Whole Foods.

This will take place July 29th, you can call their customer service desk 773-244-4200 to sign up (of course I'm already signed up). The only reason I'm actually bringing attention to this is because I firmly, not only believe but know, food is in fact medicine when used in the proper way. Many studies already state (just Google it) the healing properties of certain foods and vitamins, the anti-cancer "fighting power" of antioxidants in berries and phytonutrients in cruciferous veggies. I'm even personally experiencing the melatonin contained in cherries. Eating right is important, however more importantly I believe people should have a general understanding of certain medical properties of food, instead of "oh a headache? infection? nauseous? take over-the-counter drug X". I'm looking forward to this class =).

Which depiction of medical care suits you?
prescription-drugs or Garden Herbs

Many would of course pick the wonderfully colored magic pills (except for my enlightened readers) not simply because Brand X is already programmed in their heads from Billions of dollars in advertising but for the simple fact they can read the label on what the particular pill does. Never mind the large list of detrimental side effects (Marinol I'm looking at you) as opposed to their natural counterparts, which of course this list will be in very small fine print. Over-the-counter and prescription drugs come with a great sense of convenience as the person taking the drugs doesn't have to research: the science behind it, what it's chemically similar to,  the rate % of certain possible side effects or how exactly it influences the body. The doctor or "the label" tells them "what they should know" about the particular magic blue pill. When people stop thinking past some advertisement or label, they willfully make the choice to remain ignorant and under/un-educated of what they should and shouldn't consume. So instead of people actually knowing what's good for them and how to even treat the smallest and most trivial ailments, they run, duck and cover until they can pop Brand X's blue-pill that's not meant for children under 6.

Here's a grand example of prescription medical industrialization and natural healing: Marijuana (which is illegal in many parts of the world based on unfounded & flawed science and racist fear based hysteria) has only a few well known side effects (increased appetite, pain relief, emotional relief, any other relief…) and it can be used to treat a number of things, without the common side effects of prescription drugs to include my favorite, anal leakage. If you haven't gathered from my drug history paper posted on here, my stance on Marijuana is very much for legalization, assuming idiotic people such as this Michigan cop don't run amuck blaming it on responsible users (Fox News article).

Getting back on topic, many plants, fruits and vegetables can be used in medicinal ways, it just requires knowledge on how to do so. The more you (the reader) educate yourself on what to do, what to eat, and more importantly what to avoid consuming, the better off you'll be (by a lot).