Thursday, July 1, 2010

Go Brooklyn Mom!

So this news article caught my attention early this morning when I was watching Fox Chicago news (this article isn't from Fox Chicago, however has the most information). I couldn't find the news article or report on either Fox News or Fox Chicago's website at all so I cant really blame the newscaster spending 10 seconds talking about it. It's about a Brooklyn, NY mom who's suing General Mills for their ingredients for, get this... a cool $5 mil. The article mainly states "Partially Hydrogenated Oils" as the main 'culprit' in this lawsuit, however in other reports on the same subject I found question it's "natural flavoring from fruit". I really really hope this NY Mom doesn't settle out of court, to get this on public record.

This would be a huge step in the right direction in holding companies responsible for their usage of harmful ingredients and processing practices. General Mills doesn't exactly advertise the ingredients of their fruit snacks.

After a separate search online, I learned their fruit snacks are under their Betty Crocker brand. To find their nutrition information I went to General Mills' company website and clicked on "Products" at the top. You'll have a huge list of products to choose. When you click on "Snacks" on the left, you can click on the drop down list for "Fruit Snacks". Notice the top-right button for "Nutrition Information". From there you can view a list of products and click for their nutrition information. It may just be me, or my 15-inch laptop screen, but that nutrition button eluded me for a bit (obvious-FAIL on my part I guess) =(.

Fun Fact: searching for "fruit roll ups" or "gushers" on General Mills' website will yield unrelated or 0 results.
Fun Fact 2: You literally are what you eat. What do you eat?