Wednesday, July 7, 2010

More News than MSG

While there is still some current news about MSG and Free Glutamate, in this article for example, there is much more news to consider in the natural health community that I'd like to bring attention to (this and FAGE still hasn't got back to me about correcting their "Raw" and "Pasteurized" dilemma on their website and pre-composed e-mail responses for inquiries about their milk used).Considering it's summertime, there's many ill-conceived preconceptions about many marketable and obvious seasonal perks.

First, I'd like to bring attention to Vitamin D. In short, the most effective source of Vitamin D is from... your own body! Yay! Sunscreen-free sunlight exposure for about 15 minutes twice a week (for light skinned people), is a "healthy" amount of sunlight required for Vitamin D synthesis (your skin produces it), darker toned people will require more sunlight (up to 10 times more) due to their natural skin pigmentation. I've always found it hard to believe, a natural adaptation of the human body is detrimental to it's overall health. We're born and bred to believe, because we're taught, sunlight exposure causes skin cancer and as the Health Ranger, Mike Adams, from Natural News states "this is a one variable equation". This makes sense because Dr. Max Gerson teaches us that...
(from my reading of The Gerson Therapy) with cancer and other debilitating illnesses (skin cancer in this case), one source/cause is not the reason for one or all the symptoms but rather multiple sources/causes. If this weren't true, then medicine would be effective in treating just one symptom and curing the person (hence the current Magic Pill medicine practice). Sun burn can largely be attributed to malnutrition of Vitamin B and antioxidants. Skin cancer I would personally attribute to: malnutrition;  ingestion of high amounts of free glutamate (yay Exitotoxins!)and carcinogenic propanols (hydrolyzed protein anyone?) and lastly the varied use of numerous sythetic chemicals in skin "care" products (sunscreen, make-up, etc...).  The Short: Bad nutrition combined w/sunlight is harmful, good nutrition combined with sunlight is not harmful. 
 Important to watch on this: Mike Adams' Natural News TV report, and the precedent article.

Next, I'd like to bring some attention to a life-long favorite fruit, Mango. I've always loved mango and could never stop eating them and I've always wondered "why do I love mango so much and want to eat so many?". Well hunger, thirst and taste were noted by Dr. Gerson and he believed they should be studied more as taste and hunger would drive how much of a certain food/nutrient our body wants or needs. While Initially tanning out at the lakefront as I started to get outside more, I became fervidly hungry for blueberries and mangoes, now I can understand a little of why. Mangoes are high in antioxidants (as are blueberries) and phytochemicals. These are necessary in many functions of the body but to properly note, antioxidants play an important role in tanning (the paragraph above) and promotion of better health (to state it briefly). So I now understand a little more about my hunger and tastes... hah more mangoes for me!
Further reading:, Food Facts at Suite 101

Lastly, some MSG news. Apparently there's a new name for Free Glutamic Acid (active component in Monosodium Glutamate [MSG]), "Taste No. 5". Going off Natural News' source for their article (can ya just tell I'm an avid follower =D), it's a tube of Taste No. 5... A tube of taste... WTF. Well I'll have to credit them some sympathy as it's not a substance from any acid hydrolyzed or otherwise processed form of Free Glutamate. Apparently the tube contains "pulped anchovy and porcini mushrooms". While I've never really read anything about anchovies being naturally high in free glutamate, I know mushrooms and over-ripened tomatoes are. Just because it's a tube of concentrated mass of naturally occurring free glutamic acid doesn't meant it's anywhere near healthy or good for you. Keep in mind your body already produces L-Glutamine to the point it has an entire systematic process of conversion and removing it (Gama-aminobutyric Acid, aka GABA). Well, another "magic ingredient" to add to my list.

Fun Facts:
Tanning is a natural
adaptation process of the human body.
Bad nutrition will give you bad health.