Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Five Finger Discount

IMG_0720 My new shoes

So I decided to get the Bakila model of Vibram's Five Finger shoes, which I found at an outdoor shop nearby. From reading various posts and comments on running books, It seems barefoot runners prefer the feel of Vibram's Five Fingers shoes over any other, thus recommend them. While many outside the city don't know, Chicago has launched a back to school "tax free" campaign. Purchases at stores, at a certain price cap, who are participating in the event yield no sales tax (it's 9.75% or 10.25% currently, around there) driving the cost of living up. Well my shoes just happen to fall under the "Back to School Shoes" category =D.

Well I went running when I really shouldn't have, when my legs were still really sore and
along with some biking (just enough to go see the air show, nothing fast). I needed to run for a bit to really see how these shoes fare in terms of running, also to experience the whole barefoot running style (not heel-toe but rather balls of the feet impact first) in which a kind of suspension-type running is utilized by using your muscles and tendons to absorb and disperse the impact. Well I really hate running for starters but I did some light running anyways (prob about a mile)… I didn't want to stop. The feeling of running in this new style was just phenomenal and now I'm hooked. All I want to do now is run with my Bakila's.

For people looking at getting the Five Fingers shoes from Vibram you're going to experience some very different fitting issues. Because you've been wearing the traditional shoes, your toes may be growing in a certain direction (to conform to the shape of traditional shoes), I noticed this when I actually stopped to look at my feet. My little toe has turned sideways at the end and been growing kind of under the next toe, conforming to the shape of traditional running shoes (you know, the point converging just to the left of the big toe). I blame all the shoe companies who don't actually care about foot health but just making a quick $Buck$ off the latest celebrity to endorse a certain "ooo Cool!" style.

By wearing these shoes you're going to start using muscles in your feet you haven't used since the last time you really ran around barefoot for extended periods of time (probably when you were 5, unless you parents kept you in shoes). So keep in mind you're going to need to treat this as riding a bike for the first time in 10 years, exercise your feet muscles as if they were any other, allowing recovery and getting proper nutrition (free glutamate and additive free as always). You're going to notice shorter quicker strides and more of, your feet impacting on the balls of your feet, never your heel, with running and walking. You'll also notice an increase in overall balance and awareness of what you're walking on. Ever walk in a direction and turn your head to really look at something in a different direction, then stumble and almost fall over? Ever find yourself looking down to see where you're walking, like really looking at the ground or noticing dips and bumps and if you don't see them you'll stumble? Not with these. These things happen because your toes cant tell you what you're walking on, changes in elevation, or exactly how your weight is distributed… Five Fingers allow your feet to do exactly this.

I'm pretty much done with traditional conventional shoes. Five Fingers has opened a new door and I'm not looking back!