Monday, August 2, 2010

Food as Medicine Class

Pear Soup

In the Food as Medicine class at the Lakeview Whole foods, there was a professor from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, Mitchell Harris. He seemed to be giving mostly an introduction to "hay foods can actually heal you" to the class. I would think it's unusual but however considering the mass population of people who really don't think foods actually can heal, it's understandable. This is a guy who I'd love to pick his brain for all kinds of information. So in the class he made some Poached Pear Soup (the picture above) which was very good. The broth makes an excellent tea which
was hard to resist just grabbing the largest bowl I could find and scooping it all out! Unfortunately I had to be nice and share with the other people and with the omg-amazing Dragonfruit!

I just happen to have a very nice crock pot to make it myself too =).

Aside from the amazing food presented and made in the class, we went over a few general guidelines and information to Chinese medicine, such as taking time when eating (which I didn't until the class). Rushing and eating really cold or hot foods at the wrong time of day can really mess with your digestion. Now I know what's been going on all these years =). We were handed out a pamphlet of the nutritional uses of different fruits (the class covered fruits not veggies), too many to list here but quite nice. E-mail me if you want a copy I can type up for you.