Thursday, August 5, 2010

Raw Honey!


I love honey! Ahhh I love this stuff! I'm talking about the kind that's kinda foggy n dirty lookin. Now that I've tried this stuff, I'm more open to try the kind that's still sitting on the comb (really expensive from what I hear), not the kind that's had a piece of comb added to make it look raw. The kind I got in this picture is from Stakich Farms, "Truly Raw Honey: 100% pure, unheated, unfiltered", picked it up from my neighborhood Whole Foods. Since it's creamed honey (didn't know this at the time of purchase) it's very creamy, thick and really rich, unlike any honey I've ever had. I did a bit of reading on the farm. Apparently they use a centrifugal machine to extract the honey and bottle it from there. A site I was reading shed some light on creamed honey. It's been allowed to crystallize at 55 deg Fahrenheit. If it's been filtered, some companies will be nice enough to warm it to bee hive temperature (about 98 def F) to make it easier to pass it through a fine filter. Other companies may "minimally process" honey and label it as raw as there is no legal definition of "Raw" (WTF right?!). Yay for being 'had'...

Your honey should be: unfiltered, unheated (by any means), un-fucked-with. Bees wax is edible and good if you have gastric issues. It's been stated to not eat it only if you really cant bear to eat it, which would lead into a talk of the body's hunger & taste mechanics by which your body leads you to what it needs by feelings of hunger and taste (this is mainly why processed MSG/PFGA-laden foods is really bad for you as it prevents your body from doing it's job). Keep in mind though to not feed honey to kids under 1 year of age to prevent Infantile Botulism. It's medically agreed upon that about 1 year of age humans develop the intestinal bacteria to prevent this through breastfeeding. If you're stuffing your newborn with chemical baby formula magic-milk, well I cant promise your kid will develop intestinal flora needed. It might be there, might not, I'll have to look at the ingredients.

Yay for finding new nutritious healthy things in life, the search continues =). Edit: I also picked up some comb honey, while at the store, which I've been thoroughly enjoying. It's nature's candy bar and it's far better than any other. Give this to your kids rather some processed MSG/PFGA/Aspartame laden refined sugar bar-o-crap.