Friday, August 13, 2010

Running & Biomechanics


Not MSG related however it's something new I've stumbled upon which I believe deserves publicity. It's about running and the Biomechanics of the Human body.

So imma get into something new I thought yall might find interesting considering the mechanics of how it works. The concept is similar to how a cheetah, dog, horse, zebra, wildebeest, cat.... ok about every land mammal/animal on the face of the planet, how they run. The use the tendons and muscles in their legs to perform a suspension type running style. This is how they're able to achieve... lol "great speeds" is an understatement. Humans are meant to run the same way,
it's called barefoot running, or no "shod" running (shod = shoe). It's gaining popularity in Europe and I tried it out yesterday with the shoes I have, lol I got some new muscles to train and use because my feet and ankle muscles are sore; It's time to replace my running shoes anyways cuz I've gotta do a second patch of super glue now for the soles. Soon as all my bills are up to speed, I'm probably going to get a pair of these. I might also pick up some non-running specific shoes (probably the Vibram Five Fingers). I hear they're very comfortable shoes (talked to someone who was wearing them in school), which I believe because I only wear the shoes I have when I go outside. I prefer the feel of no shoes walkin around my apartment (as I'm sure many others do). The Five Fingers and Nike Free are some other shoes that adopt the barefoot movement, with running in mind. Personally I'm probably gonna get the Evo's then step off to a new running style =D. Of course I'm not doing anything without some good posture literature and further research of the subject, I'm thinking about a book from Malcolm Balk, instructor of the Alexander Method to running, a posture based method to improve efficiency. I'm also betting this gets rid of the shin splints and ITB problems I've been having.
This is all part of podiatrists going public about shoes, how they're harmful for toddlers and kids growing up and (mostly from well known running coaches) about how barefoot running is biomechanically superior to the 'heel-toe' method and less prone to injuries. The Guardian is a UK news site, a very good source of information. Lots of very good articles there about many things and the best part of all is that The Guardian actually seems to be non-bias. =D 
Check out the video at Terra Plana to really understand what they're talkin about/selling.
Featured Shoe: The Evo, by Terra Plana, designed specifically for barefoot running.