Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sofffffft Skin

So if you're like me and have KP (Keratosis Pilaris) then you'll love this "Facial Rub" I saw featured on the Good Morning America. From what I've read, KP is caused by a skin protein called Keratin which plugs up hair follicles, it's not due to poor hygiene or habits (though most would think so). This facial rub caught my attention because she noted the Lactic Acid content of powdered milk while on the show. I wasn't able to find the instant oatmeal she talks about so I used regular (I end up really wanting a bowl of oatmeal afterwards) but the rest of the ingredients I was able to find. She uses powdered milk (for the lactic acid content), Oatmeal which makes your skin really soft and
Cornmeal (I used medium grind) acts as an exfoliant. You can put in whatever kind of herb/scent you want however because it's a dry item, you should use dry herbs such as rosemary and lavender.
IMG_0715 As you can see mine is almost gone, I used lavender and lots of extra powdered Milk.

Theres a Skin Lightening Mask and Soothing Eye Gel recipes on ABC's report on her. She's written a few books, the one feature is Do It Gorgeously. The world seems to be really trying to bring attention to natural methods and remedies. I believe this is mainly due to the recession, people are looking for cheap & effective means (which just happen to be natural) because they cant afford to go buy their magic bottle synthetic "look good extracts" from big name companies who charge $50 for a bottle of "All Natural! Organic!" stuff you can make yourself. You can see this when you look at name brand bottles which advertise "Look it's All Natural!" depicting natural environments and their logo doing all the work (Herbal Essences commercials come to mind). Doesn't help to pay a well known celebrity or model to use their face on your stuff either, I hear that sells stuff.

I wonder how many products would be sold if there were pictures of these "experts" instead of paid celebrities & models on the bottle, putting their reputation and work on the line instead of hiding behind a company logo. Hah! There'd be more truth in products that's for sure.