Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Big Picture 1

Today I decided to surf the Speakeasy Blog at Stop the Drug and see whats progressing in the world of Marijuana legalization. I came across the article for the nation's first Medical Marijuana TV ad which was reported on CNN. CNN made if very clear they're anti-legalization as they reported with wholehearted confidence in the "benefits" of mainstream pharmaceutical "medicine". They'd probably loose funding for their biased news room if they started reporting "hay marijuana is actually safe" (which by logical comparison to other available methods of medical treatment it is safe). I kinda went on a rant, giving what I know and understand about the natural world, leaving my comment on the article:
Does anyone ever stop to think about mainstream pharma companies? How their (logically and definitively "Propaganda") TV ads spend about 15-20 seconds advertising "HAY! INSULIN IN A BOTTLE! FOR YOU!" then spend the next 2 1/2 minutes going over the side effects and "if you start having thoughts of killing yourself or harming others, see YOUR DOCTOR immediately". Seriously? How can anyone just overlook this? For starters, you should NOT take SYNTHETIC chemical extractives of certain compounds that mainstream for-profit pharma companies who pay their way through the FDA's already biased testing standards (for the pharmaceutical companies of course) mass produce. Compare the long drawn-out list of side effects for popular synthetic chemicals touted as "medicine" to the very (lol) short list of side effects of Cannabis.

A cure for cancer in various/all forms has been around since the 1930's, by Dr. Max Gerson. He brought his findings before a "legislative panel" sometime in the 40's (if i remember correctly) over 3 days. No one knows about this cure because of money, the big pharma companies who've been "soooo close to a cure" for 40 years now, would loose BILLIONS if people knew they could cure cancer on their own. No one also believes a nutritional program can cure cancer because of the propaganda against eating properly and real food. Example: does anyone actually know what a "proper diet" entails? No, because we're taught "go buy this [Mystery Magic Pill] and [Magic Powder Formula] if u feel bad, then get on with your life", this rationale only fuels apathy and ignorance (as you never learn what caused you to feel bad and now you dont really care). This effectively leaves anything related to your personal well being and health in the hands of for-profit companies.

My point is, this is all part of a bigger picture. This is more than helping people (medicinally) with a naturally occurring herb; it's about taking back personal freedoms over one's own health, privacy and well being, instead of leaving those rights in the hands of modern day Profiteers and businesses. Think on a larger scale and one may begin to see what I do.

I want people to really think about how America works. We're not a democratic society, we're a passive consumerist society led by authoritarian wealthy individuals who buy their freedom. America is run by corporations and big business, they pay money to pass certain bills which, no mystery here, offer many rewards and perks in their favor, such as: controlling certain markets by "mandatory certifying tests"; certain political policies which help control the docile public masses; or ways of obtaining large 'free cash' in terms of "government funding". Just think, how long have "we" been "sooo close" to a cure for cancer? "The cure is JUST around the corner! We need just a little more funding!" sound familiar?

I missed the recent celebrity telethon, with all these big shot stars only proving just how dumb and naive they are "we're here to help find a cure for cancer". Hay! Do some history and you'll find a cure for cancer has been public knowledge since the 1940's! Dumbasses, apparently money does make one not only ignorant, but outright completely dumb.

Medical Marijuana, Organic Foods (tainted by politics as you can see in my article here), Sustainable Agriculture, Natural Cures for MANY ailments [to include cancer, YES A CURE FOR CANCER DOES EXIST] and Environmentally Friendly and Conscious ways of life are just all part of a larger picture.

The Big Picture: To take back one's personal freedoms and rights, such as the right to privacy in one's own home; the right to maintain one's health and well being; the right to help others in ways that improve their well being without being infringed on; and the right to no taxation without representation (no your taxes don't help you or your neighbor). To take back these fundamental rights from out of control big businesses.

When you leave your personal freedoms and rights, such as your health, to the "responsibility" of for-profit companies, you give up knowledge and gain Ignorance. You give up interest, and gain Apathy. Ignorance and Apathy fuel Greed, in yourself and those who prey on your mindset (big companies). You are kept docile and dumb and easily controlled by your desires, even when they are not your own.

Welcome to America.