Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hello Again!

Back from a while of starting classes 'n what not I have some pics and news to share! Too much to list in one post so I'll list what I can before I have to get going to class. I've also added a new page for people to see.. "My Argument".

People often wonder "why am I fat and other people aren't?" well theres actually a very simple answer for this…
Bag o MSG Box o MSG (Pictures taken at Whole Foods grocery store, Chicago, IL [2 locations]).

STOP! DO NOT BUY THIS CRAP! You see, the ignorant masses buy anything that says "hay look! it's organic and we're a Natural company! Look! Our name even says Natural Foods!". If you're one of these idiotic people who just buy anything that remotely relates to being "natural" or "organic" without actually considering the ingredients of what you're shoving down your throat, you deserve to die, end of story.

Personally I cant see how anyone would think "Oh Textured Vegetable Protein must be good for me, if it wasn't, why would it be made available to me?". The statement is completely irrational and only feeds off the desire for convenience and the desire to be catered to, however these are now "standards" with modern day "consumers" (note: masses of people are referred to as Consumers, not "Citizens", you [the reader] should research why). The above products are only a select small example of the shit that taints the very food supply in the US, THIS IS WHY YOU ARE FAT & IN A STATE OF HEALTH LOGICALLY DEFINED AS "DYING". NO do not use this crap, this is why you have the health problems you do. The company name "Bob's Red Mill" also has a lovely 2 bag selection of MSG in the form of Textured Soy & Vegetable Protein. Wake up you mindless wandering idiots! Right now 90% of America is so naive and dumb, you'd drink Drain-O and Clorox if pharmaceutical companies told you to mix it with water to slow diabetes! NO not everything in "food" form is food. Real food doesn't cause endocrine/neurological/cardiovascular diseases & debilitating conditions not limited to Cancer (Which yes, factually it IS curable) and Diabetes, the two most prominent & advancing debilitating conditions in America.

Ya I'm calling out these companies in the pictures, I'm also calling out Whole Foods for offering this to people who are lured in by their company name and "lets save the world, we're organic and healthy!" front. Whole Foods offers a shit ton of very unhealthy "food" labeled as "healthy food" or insinuated as such.

Keep in mind it's not up to me to prove all of this is unhealthy (although I do believe I'm doing a decent job) but it's up to the companies to prove it IS healthy to consume, to prove "no our ingredients haven't been linked to in any way to any debilitating health condition"… but I don't see this. All I see is "HAY! BUY NOW! IT'S FRESH! WE'RE NATURAL! I'M YOUR BEST FRIEND!". More on this later on with some video's from a Natural News TV member (ever wonder why people are driven by their desires? Ever wonder why these desires are not their own…?)