Friday, June 18, 2010

I got more logic than Spock!

So the theory I proposed to the people around me (who were willing to listen) and on here 2 posts ago, based on my logical reasoning, appears to be scientific fact by sequential events. My theory was that certain people who are able to eat as many calories as they want and not gain a pound do experience adverse effects of processed free glutamic acids, in the sense of their impressive metabolism (their increased metabolism IS their adverse effect). People used to think "oh thats just how they are", by what? BIRTH?! I refused to believe this because the "thats how they are" explanation is completely irrational, now I have my answer...

Lol Politics

So this lovely article I found talks about politics of obesity. While it's direction is good (politics and obesity in the same paragraph, let alone same title/sentence) the knowledge only scratches the surface. Yes the lack of exercise because of cars and convenience combined with a constantly "hungry" attitude does attribute to weight gain, it is not the reason nor cause of obesity and gaining popularity Morbid Obesity.

The fact that free glutamic acid and all of it's wonderful degenerative health effects are so deceptively and artistically blended into nearly 90% of the food supply in the US is the underlying reason and cause of obesity.

This underlying fact is one that the article completely failed to cover or even briefly hint at. The article was however on the right track in stating politics may be to blame for obesity (which if you're educated on the hidden facts you know better). The politics exist in the FDA working so closely with the Glutamate industry (and Pharmaceutical companies for the same subject, but more so for Marijuana subject) to keep the facts about the excitotoxin hidden and keeping consumers in the dark and confused on what exactly is in their food (cite: your local grocer. e.g. the numerous names of MSG, Processed Free Glutamic Acid, ingredients and processes contanting/or creating them).