Sunday, June 27, 2010

Obesity Truth

So the magical, hope-filled news articles such as "Food Companies Cutting Calories!", "Obesity Surgery Should be a Family Matter" and "After School Programs Mixing Facts and Fun!" are about a joke considering the real issue of Obesity, Processed Free Glutamic Acid. These are just local news articles too. In an update I posted a while ago I promised a post on the role of Free Glutamic Acid in Obesity, here ya go =D.
I would suggest reading all of this, however if you don't have the mind for the science behind Obesity, I suggest you look at the bold and underlined parts then skip to the bottom.

The MSG of Obesity:
Studies have been published about obesity in rats/mice who were injected/fed free glutamatic acid. These studies can also be very apparent in real-life human scenarios. As kids age and get older, the parents buy processed foods to feed them because they are convenient. Inside these processed foods are vast amounts of free glutamate used as "flavor enhancers". Even as a child who has just started eating baby food, they are already being exposed to a large amount of free form processed glutamic acids. Baby foods such as: Gerber "Good Start" Formula ["Enzymatically Hydrolyzed" Whey Protein Concentrate], Gerber Graduates Entrees [Natural Flavoring and Carageenan], and Beech Nut Baby Foods [Citric Acid w/Protein]). Baby food is not new to labeling problems and petitions.