Monday, July 5, 2010


The title is pretty self explanatory. I haven't had much internet time as I'd like to have, so I could push out some good articles on here. I don't have internet in my Apartment due to lack of funds =(, that will change once I start my semester at Truman College here in Chicago. But I have some news though!

I'm coming out with an "Action Page" soon for the blog. It'll have the names of brands who use Processed Free Glutamic Acid, their contact information and a letter template which I'll create which will ask, very specifically, why they use free glutamate (asking "why do you use processed free glutamic acid" versus "why do you use MSG"). It will also include a second letter citing the VARIOUS scientific sources which state exactly how harmful their ingredient is. This is all to provide you with the only reasonable response "oh we didn't know how harmful it was, we'll rectify the issue" rather leaving the companies a way out in stating "there's no scientific evidence that supports your claim" or something to that effect.

For my personal news...