Wednesday, July 7, 2010

More News than MSG

While there is still some current news about MSG and Free Glutamate, in this article for example, there is much more news to consider in the natural health community that I'd like to bring attention to (this and FAGE still hasn't got back to me about correcting their "Raw" and "Pasteurized" dilemma on their website and pre-composed e-mail responses for inquiries about their milk used).Considering it's summertime, there's many ill-conceived preconceptions about many marketable and obvious seasonal perks.

First, I'd like to bring attention to Vitamin D. In short, the most effective source of Vitamin D is from... your own body! Yay! Sunscreen-free sunlight exposure for about 15 minutes twice a week (for light skinned people), is a "healthy" amount of sunlight required for Vitamin D synthesis (your skin produces it), darker toned people will require more sunlight (up to 10 times more) due to their natural skin pigmentation. I've always found it hard to believe, a natural adaptation of the human body is detrimental to it's overall health. We're born and bred to believe, because we're taught, sunlight exposure causes skin cancer and as the Health Ranger, Mike Adams, from Natural News states "this is a one variable equation". This makes sense because Dr. Max Gerson teaches us that...