Sunday, July 18, 2010

Ahh New Tools! (Update)

So I just started using Microsoft Windows Live Writer since I got internet in my apartment. I’ve connected a YouTube channel (dont have any video taking capability at the moment though) and Photobucket account to all of this online “live” stuff, so now I’ll be able to upload pictures and video

! Yay! No more boring walls of text. A lot more flexibility than before so hopefully this eases some posting issues with me and my readers. I’ll also be taking some pictures as I’m out biking on the lakefront in the sun and maybe sometimes at night, then post ‘em up here and on Photobucket if anyone's interested to see 'em.

Today I went to Whole Foods near the North/Clybourn area with my mom and sister, who grabbed a flyer and pointed out something happening in Chicago I'd be interested in. Apparently a professor of Chinese Medicine at Pacific College will be hosting a "Food as Medicine: Veggies" class with a $10 cover charge (class includes a $10 gift card) at the Lakeview Whole Foods.