Wednesday, October 24, 2012


I've decided to drop the whole facade of conforming to what people want in blogs: politeness, fun, zing, friendliness, etc.. and adopt... well my personality, one of logical reasoning and insight with more twists than our DNA. I'm not sure about keeping this blog or keeping it updated or use it at all, as I've stated in the previous post, I've lost hope in educating or awakening the human cattle so loyal to the institutions which kill them, yet call themselves Americans or Patriotic for doing so(*1). My perceptions shall be one of third person, alien to this world as I no longer see myself as part of the human species(*2). I'll post information on here in which I feel pertinent or particularly beneficial to share to others who may by chance happen upon this blog. The information will be of the realities of this world, how you choose to cope with said information will be up to you.

I open this blog to questioning and criticism by many. I may or may not get back with or provide all the answers any individual seeks. I seek to provoke thought, reasoning, and understanding; the answers the individual seeks should be sought by the individual seeking them, not by one source proclaiming to provide them. I want people to question me, and everything around them, seeking the answers they desire, themselves. Anything else would be of the same mindset, or 'prophet' mentality/persona, that has wreaked havoc on cultures and people many times before now.

*1 - Patriotism is loyalty to one's people and country, Nationalism is loyalty to the institutions of it - Mark Twain
*2 - Humans have accepted, adopted and embraced the values of Greed, Apathy, Ignorance, and Deception, and do not recognize themselves as animals but something more materialistic than what they are. If this is what it means to be human, then I recognize myself only born into the human species. In return,  I refuse to accept or embrace these values, as [spiritually] I am above them, and seek balance with both the animal and intellect within myself.

     It's ok to be wrong, It's not ok to assume you are not.
I believe people lack the fundamental action of thinking for oneself in today's world. Many individuals allow others and other sources to think for them, attributing one's intellect to an outside source, and ultimately another's bias or agenda. Hence the phrase "lets hear from the experts", or subjecting any discussion answers to figures of 'authority' (doctors, lawyers, policemen, firemen, government officials/employees, etc..) . What makes these individuals experts? Who are these individuals? What is their experience or education on said subject? Why are they here speaking to the audience? What do they gain by being here and saying what they are? Is their information bias? These questions are often never asked or considered. The benevolent responses to each of these questions are often always assumed.

The Marines have taught me "never assume" and under no circumstances to do so, for assumptions kill. This is a practical modality for thought to adopt for the external and internal world of the mind and perception, you either know or you don't. This is very much black and white, which mentality is often hailed by many as unwelcome or unwanted. However one can argue that black and white are 2 colors of the same spectrum. If one assumes lets say, information in a report on the local news is correct, then the local news is seen as the one source of information, as it is correct and there is no need to further question the subject. This opens one to victimization by bias and irrationale of said source, ultimately manipulation by the source of information. If one adopts the 'never assume' modality, the subject is not closed and other sources are sought out for the subject matter if the individual desires accurate information; otherwise the individual seeking information simply states "I do not know and cannot speak accurately on the subject". This prevents the individual mind from being victimized by propaganda and bias, allowing an individual's intellect to prosper.

I'm aware this is nothing more than a watered down version of the many intricacies of 'never assume' as the infinite examples are quite frankly too much to list for my patience.

I believe logic to be simply a linear statement of fact/s Note: not reversible or migratory statement of fact/s. Linear statement of facts do not allow for the words or meanings of the words to be transposed in different ways or forms, in this the whole statement is taken as a whole and context is not only considered but part of the statement. Facts do not allow for assumptions (note 'never assume'). If the statement is not comprised of facts, it is not true (false reasoning); thus the point or statement becomes null and pointless. If logic is to be the guiding light in understanding, curiosity and wisdom, it cannot be false.

I'm aware this is my opinion. I also believe logic and reasoning are separate yet intertwined in definition and application. Many actions, statements, and consequences can be logically justified, reasoning shall ultimately serve to weigh justification, causality, consequence, and need if any. I'm aware this is part of the trivium (logic, grammar, rhetoric).

I close with both a maddening, and haunting realization:
There is always something more to what one perceives, than what one perceives.
 Given the above statement which is undoubtedly true given everyone's unique individual experiences, feelings, emotions, feelings about emotions about experiences, etc... one needs to ask "what is the better question?". There is always something more, the better question is 'what else is there?'. Both haunting and maddening to think and know, yet shall lead the perceiver down the path of intellect and understanding. The rewards of such curiosity and and intrigue are born of deep thought and reasoning, and reveal insight into the most obscure insights.

The above can be applied to one's: tone of voice, clothing, facial expression, conversational context, the words they choose, overall attitude, energy, background, beliefs, thoughts, ideals, location, and more. Not only applicable to persons but things, objects, places, cultures, stars, galaxies and everything in between. This opens the perceiver to a world beyond their eyes, to begin thinking from another perspective and ultimately to perceive more than what one perceives... but there is always more...

Until next time...

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Beginning Anew - Propaganda

I've lost hope in trying to educate the masses of human cattle in the world, so I'll begin anew. When and IF I feel like it, I'll post information here that I feel pertinent to share. I'm not sure how active this will be or if anyone will actually read or watch what I post here, none the less, I'll have posted it here for all to see and benefit from and shall be my efforts to share information to intellectually stimulate the docile human cattle consumers. I shall post this information for all to see, how you cope with it will be up to you. Along my intellectual journey I've become very acute to perception, insight, and logical reasoning, and have developed several philosophies from my insight and reasoning. Understand as a reader of this site, the only bias I have is to hopefully educate and awaken individuals to think for themselves and question the world around them. Lets begin.

These are 2 films on propaganda. The first has an ending I cant be entirely supportive of because I am not educated unbiasedly on Korea, so I shall meet such perception with caution. The second seems reasonable enough, however I feel marching, writing letters, stating opinions, and making demands are at this point a fruitless effort.

Please watch these documentaries, and be educated in how your perceptions, desires, and consent can be manufactured for the benefit of the few at the cost of the many.