Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Beginning Anew - Propaganda

I've lost hope in trying to educate the masses of human cattle in the world, so I'll begin anew. When and IF I feel like it, I'll post information here that I feel pertinent to share. I'm not sure how active this will be or if anyone will actually read or watch what I post here, none the less, I'll have posted it here for all to see and benefit from and shall be my efforts to share information to intellectually stimulate the docile human cattle consumers. I shall post this information for all to see, how you cope with it will be up to you. Along my intellectual journey I've become very acute to perception, insight, and logical reasoning, and have developed several philosophies from my insight and reasoning. Understand as a reader of this site, the only bias I have is to hopefully educate and awaken individuals to think for themselves and question the world around them. Lets begin.

These are 2 films on propaganda. The first has an ending I cant be entirely supportive of because I am not educated unbiasedly on Korea, so I shall meet such perception with caution. The second seems reasonable enough, however I feel marching, writing letters, stating opinions, and making demands are at this point a fruitless effort.

Please watch these documentaries, and be educated in how your perceptions, desires, and consent can be manufactured for the benefit of the few at the cost of the many.