Saturday, April 27, 2013

Lessons Learned

I'd like to share some of the lesson's I've learned in my time:

We teach as much as we learn.
Follow your true self, and no one else.
Nothing is without reciprocity; there can be no day without night, nor dark without light.
Walk your own path, and no one else's.
The answers are within.
Seek to understand, rather control; such is the path of wisdom.
Truth resonates.
God is within.

Earth is a giant 'classroom', we are all here to learn. The better questions are: What will you do? What will you teach? What will you learn? These questions stem from the ultimate question: what is your will. We learn as much as we teach. Every interaction serves to teach all parties involved; be it your pet, family, homeless man, vendor or shopkeeper, or an animal living outside the chains of domestication. Will you teach them anger, greed, evil, hatred, malice, violence? Or shall you teach them patience, understanding, compassion, or love? What will you learn from your own actions and theirs. There is a lesson to learn in everything, in every interaction, even those which aren't your own.

Free will is an illusion, like many other things in this world. Free will, as it's known, is the ability to consciously choose to ignore your true self, or allow your true self to do as it needs or wishes. The true self can be felt, tangible at times, in your heart; you feel it when you do something wrong and you feel-with the utmost tangible sense-in your heart that it is wrong. When you know you should speak out, but choose to not, you feel it in your throat, choking you. This feeling is your true self speaking out, and other times trying to scream (choking feeling) in response to what you are seeing or doing.

We are all here to learn so we may grow. We may only grow/progress with wisdom, not ignorance. We must grow so we may eventually become our own creator, our own god of our own universe of our creation; this entails a far to great responsibility to fathom, because The Origins (God) is more than just a creator, The Origins is a teacher. Becoming your own God not only means you must know what and how to create, you must know why and teach others the 'why' to become better than what they are presently, so they may grow and become their own creator. It's the purpose of life: to thrive, this means growth and reproduction. I dare you to find anything in existence without growth.

Why else would we be somewhere we can consciously choose to ignore our true selves, or to do as our true self commands? Why else would we be somewhere we may constantly learn, or choose to remain ignorant and ignore the lessons we are to learn from our experiences. Experience and reflection are our teachers, as we truly learn by doing, not by others. Others may be a guide, or a distraction from our own paths. "Listen to all, follow none" applies in a more profound way than you may perceive. For us to truly learn, we must walk our own path, to learn the lessons we are here to learn for ourselves, and to teach those we come across, the lessons we've learned, by influencing them through interaction. Remember: we teach as much as we learn, as nothing in this existence is without reciprocity. If we listen to others, follow them and their teachings, let them command our lives and beliefs, we are walking their path and not our own. Walking another's path does not teach you what you need to learn, but rather distract you with lessons you may have already learned, or are not ready to learn.

How does one learn? The answers are within. You are your best teacher as you truly learn from yourself. You must seek to understand, rather control. Through self-reflection and questioning of your experiences, you may begin to see the lessons you are to learn; thus appropriately "everything has a purpose". In a time of strife, ask yourself "what am I to learn from this?" and seek the answer for yourself. You shall know the answer is true because truth resonates. There are many constants in the world, truth resonates, is yet another. Truth and love are unstoppable, permeating everything that has, is, and shall be. They are concepts resonating from the very basic building blocks of existence itself; no being, no matter how large or small, can hide or destroy truth and love.

In today's world, we're conditioned to learn God is external. You must travel to a 'House of God' and speak to someone who devotes their life to interpreting "God's message', there's even a hierarchy set in place by Catholics where the pope is the only one who may receive God's messages... this is all a fallacy. These are creations of man. Churches were created by man, the same man who brought you war, destruction, greed, pollution, and ignorance. This man built churches, created hierarchy's and command structure, wrote books and changed their words, created money and put a tax on life itself; God did none of this, rather the decision of man ignoring their true self did. We all emanate from The Origins (God), thus as leaves on a tree, we are all connected directly to God; we have no need to speak to other leaves as we may speak for and through ourselves. The true self receives the knowledge and guidance from The Origins easier than our physical bodies with the Brain (The Ego) to interfere with the communication.

I implore each and everyone reading this to follow and listen to your true self, walk your own path, embrace yourselves for who you are-not what others want you to be, seek the lessons in your life and learn... learn so you may grow. Embrace your true self and behold, a light in the dark. In death, I believe we are held accountable for our actions and judged, not by God or some 'panel' of judges or 'angels'... but by ourselves.