Friday, August 23, 2013

The classroom…


          The stage has been set… since before your arrival and that of those before you. The controllers… are never seen, yet direct all that you perceive. From start to finish, you will play in their construct. You have a purpose to serve, but can’t remember… your test has begun.

          You are born into the world. From day 1 you will be told everything. You are given an identity, as you are told what to think and how you should act. In this identity you are told what kind of person you were, are, and shall be… categorized of course. You are told what to appreciate, love, hate, and envy. You are instructed to always ask the proper individuals for guidance, assistance, information, knowledge. You are encouraged to accept that all the thinking has already been done for you, and will be scolded when you think for yourself, and even scolded when you do not-occasionally. You are wrought of a lifetime of learning-obedience and submission. You may not learn nor be informed of what is not approved-and shall not discuss such topics in public or to authorities; any information you are told you require is provided to you. You will follow the rules given to you, following in the footsteps of those before you, and those before them. You will accept the usual and commonly accepted course of actions and behavior as normal and shall be expected to follow them, and even defend them. “Do as you’re told and do not ask questions” is the mantra. Any deviation from these conditions shall be met with punishment, severity dependent upon action, inaction, intent, and assumed intent by those around you. When you have been present long enough, you shall be given the status senior, and will encourage others born into this world to do and follow as you have done, and punish those who do not.


          There are many lessons to learn from this experience. You have a choice to learn and do many things, what you choose to do is up to you… assuming you choose to do anything at all. The classroom is called “Earth”, if you are reading this, you are present.