My Argument

In the Marine Corps, I was taught to lead by example. With my personal interest and ever expanding knowledge in the natural world, I do lead by example.

I avoid the ingredients I list, I cook virtually everything I eat, I don't use synthetic "new age" soaps & toothpastes and I'm constantly learning more about the big businesses of Cancer and Pharmaceutical Drugs and how their politics work. The evidence is there, one just has to open their eyes and read past the text they see and actually ask "why?". Do some research, be an Informed Citizen rather a mindless wondering Consumer who's hellbent on buying anything in sight because they're told to.

Last but not least, I must inform people here I do not have any formal education in these subjects, I have taught myself all of this knowledge and thus my opinions are my own rather learned opinions. I believe there are no formal classes for obtaining what I know. I am no doctor, I am no professor, I am no scientist, I am however...

One healthy M***ER F***ER!

Listen to me, look like me, that I can promise you. My health is My Argument.

Note: There are friends of mine who can attest I did not look like this while in the Marine Corps. I would be glad to post an old photo for comparison if I can find one.