*Update 8/23/2013*

     My thinking and awareness has changed dramatically since I've first started this blog, as anyone is allowed to see by reading the first few posts to the most recent. Although I  no longer share the same mentality or thinking as my early posts (arguably more in-depth on any subject here, and more) I leave them up to chronicle my awakening process, for all to see. It's not easy waking up, but it is however a choice the individual makes, and makes for their self. It all begins with asking questions; for me, "what am I really eating?". Perhaps there are those who may benefit from the information and arguments provided here, so they may begin their awakening process for their selves. I'll have to post a separate page on here detailing how I eat, as I'm asked all too often and my particular diet doesn't fit in any category.

      I can tell everyone all the answers I've found, but if one does not learn for their self., one does not learn...

*From the Early Days (Old)*
First and foremost: we live in a culture where people have some insane belief that human beings are innately resistant to chemicals in food and trace amounts of chemicals in food wont do any harm. These beliefs couldn't be further from the truth. People in America have been nurtured to grossly underestimate the implications of nutrition.

Humans are not innately resistant to chemicals, especially ingesting them. There is no innate human-only superpower where our biochemistry doesn't abide by the same biological rules as every other living creature on this planet. The FDA, food and pharmaceutical industries will tell you there is little or no harm in eating trace amounts of additives; they may even tell you there are no verified clinical studies that prove additives are harmful to you. I'm quite sure if I was selfish and being paid enough, I'd tell you whatever I wanted that would keep me in business and you buying my product. This plays on the fact that many people are naive because they want their personal lives and security to be easy. People don't want to put forth the effort of being responsible for their own health and their children's health. Because of the drive for convenience an organization has been created to tell people "hay, eating chemicals is bad!", however this is only effective for the people if the organization actually does it's job for the people.

Contrary to the popular belief today, humans are meant to eat nature and consume naturally occuring food, not processed pre-packaged preserved stuff derived from food laced with additives to make it taste similar to food. This is why you would not give a wild animal A LOT of what people consume on a daily basis, hence "fit for human consumption" is far different than "fit for wild animals to eat". With the fact that humans are animals (mammals if you will) this should tell you something, along the lines of "hay! theres poisonous crap in my food!". Except it's not in just a few products, harmful additives are in nearly the entire American food supply.  

Science has not nor cannot perfect nature. Amino acids are the basic building blocks of all protein on this planet, they need to be used in a very specific way the natural world has perfected. Interfering with this in any way and you will get side effects (allergies, intolerances, cancer, etc...).

Ever wonder why kids in those countries we look down upon for not having the technology we do, grow up never requiring braces or any dental work and have a perfect smile? They even grow up never really knowing cancer, especially like Americans know it. It's because they don't eat the processed crap and additives Americans do (Documentary: The Beautiful Truth expanded on this).

It's important for people to realize that biologically we (the human race) are the same as every other mammal on this planet. When it comes to nutrition, biological and natural factors matter, not; how long it stays on the shelf, how cheap you can make it or how much you can make it taste like what should be in it that's not. If you don't trust my argument then consider your argument vs. mine:
You say "Why should I trust or believe you? You have no degree or formal education in the matter"
I say "Because I'm not paid to tell you only what selfish and greedy companies want you to hear."
You respond "It's ok, they're paid to look after my health and to tell me whats harmful and what isn't"
My response "Yes, yes they are." Note the keywords I've made bold.

They're paid whether you live or die.

I intend to be the example of what it means to live and eat healthy. My health will be my argument. The FDA is logically a business, their business is protecting their pockets and certain industries interests, not your health.

Follow my blog as I constantly research and post about my self-education on MSG and Free Glutamic Acid (active component in MSG). I cite sources in hyper-linked text (the best thing about e-writing) which are credible and many cite their own sources such as independent scientific studies (ya know, the people with Ph. D's). Some sites are even built by people who've spent decades in the food additive field.

Avoiding toxic ingredients is the largest step anyone can take towards overall better and medically superior health. Great Nutrition = Great Health = No Medical Worries.